Rebuilding Rural America for Our Future


[Included in plan:] As president, I will put farmers and rural communities in the driver’s seat to lead the nation’s climate action. The impact of climate change can be seen and felt every day, in every community. This is yet another challenge for farmers who have long battled weather, pests, and weeds as they produced food to feed their families, their communities, our nation, and the world. Because farmers have long been stewards of our natural resources, and their work is affected by climate change so directly, farmers are uniquely well positioned to develop and lead a transition to more sustainable production practices and future. Rural communities will be the forefront of our nation’s fight against climate change and farmers and producers will be part of the solution to the greatest challenge of our time.

We must support producers when they take risks to address climate problems, and help them improve the profitability and sustainability of their farms by paying them for the environmental services they provide. Farmers should receive support from USDA to develop new practices that put carbon back into their soils, reduce inputs, and limit nutrient loss. Under my administration, we will give farmers the resources they need to be champions for the climate. More »

Source: Medium