Warren, Sanders in Iowa


Kathy Byrnes attended Warren’s Sunday morning town hall at Fisher Elementary School in Marshalltown. She was trying to decide between Warren and Sanders for her second choice. Because climate change is her biggest concern, Tom Steyer is her first choice.

“I think they can both win,” Byrnes said of Sanders and Warren. “I think they both offer alternatives that we’re looking for. Bernie’s more out of the box. But I think [Warren] might instill a little more confidence in her ability to get things done.”

Byrnes said she wanted to know who would prioritize climate policy as president. She mentioned Sanders’ climate summits as positives, but thought he didn’t emphasize the issue outside of those events.

When it comes to Warren, Byrnes said she liked her thorough policy proposals.

“The fact that she got hers from [Washington Gov. Jay] Inslee, who is a real climate expert, gave me a lot of confidence in her level of seriousness about tackling it,” Byrnes said.