Bullock on climate change


As for climate change, Bullock reacts with obvious disdain that Republicans won’t even acknowledge climate science, pointing to President George H.W. Bush who promised to lead on greenhouse gases. “I had the second-worst fire season of my state’s, 1.3 million acres burned. I had one fire that was the size of 8 1/2 Districts of Columbia. Our farmers growing seasons are different,” he says. “We have to address climate change.” Bullock points to his efforts to expand solar energy 400 percent and wind 200 percent, and says he thinks it is possible to reach carbon neutrality “a lot earlier” than 2050. To do that, he says, we must regain our international role and reenter the Paris agreement. He’s convinced that donor money has driven the GOP to extreme positions, noting that even auto companies didn’t want to roll back emissions standards.

Source: washingtonpost