Bennet on climate change


“I think we have to be aggressive on climate. But I believe that we need to do this by creating a politics that unifies the country, that can overcome the division that Trump represents. And overcome the division that the Tea party, the Freedom Caucus represents.

Just to take one example: We have a climate denier in the White House. It should be disqualifying to be president, to be a climate denier. Politically. The majority of people believe climate change is real. The majority of the people believe it’s an urgent problem that has to be fixed. The majority of people believe that humans are contributing to it. But we have a climate denier in the White House because Democrats lost the economic opportunity to Donald Trump. That should never have happen. And I don’t want it to happen again. We should be able to win that argument. And it’s so blatantly absurd to consider what’s happening in California, or in Colorado or Florida is even, as good an example as anywhere.

We had the debate last week where the consequence of not dealing with climate change is so devastating to our economy, that this ought to be a relatively easy case for us to make. But we couldn’t make it for a variety of reasons that I write about in there. And I’m happy to talk more about.”