O'Rourke on climate change


“This is a problem we see all over the country,” O’Rourke added. “And it has something to do with the way we extract resources out of the ground, the way that we treat our soil, the fact that we have an administration where the leaders of the EPA and the Interior Department do not believe in the functions they oversee, and prioritize corporations and those who want to extract over people who will eat what comes out of the soil, drink what flows through their community, breathe what is in the air.”

He also referenced Flint saying, “some communities that have born the brunt of the climate change we have already seen, the pollution that we are already emitting, more than others, who have rates of MS or cancer or asthma that are far greater than other parts of the country.”

“So you’re so right to bring this up,” he added, “because it’s literally a life or death issue for our fellow Americans, our fellow human beings on this planet.”

Source: cnn