Climate Change in Colorado

Of the places in the United States that show visible effects of climate change, Colorado is at the top of the list. With longer breeding seasons and lighter winters, thriving pine and spruce beetles have killed millions of acres of trees. And these higher temperatures threaten native trout species that make Colorado so unique. For farmers, skiers, and thousands of Coloradans living in areas that are subject to increased risks of floods or wildfires, climate change is bringing new challenges. 

Coloradans are leading the way towards a clean energy future. Colorado is home to researchers creating breakthroughs in solar, wind, and energy efficiency. In fact, in 2018, there were 34,342 energy efficiency jobs, 7,318 wind jobs, and 6,847 solar jobs in Colorado.

The 2020 presidential election represents the last, best chance for the U.S. to confront the climate crisis.

Change the Climate 2020, a project of the League of Conservation Voters, aims to make sure the presidential primary candidates make climate change a top priority.