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Dems debate in Motor City. Will cars and climate be a focus?

Environmentalists say one topic should take center stage at the Democratic presidential debates in Detroit next week. It’s car companies and their contribution to climate change.

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The new American economy doesn’t exist in the past, but in the future. ✅In the next 10 years, there are going to be 65 million clean energy jobs, I want them all in the U.S. ✅By 2030, there are going to be 30 million electric vehicles, I want them built in the U.S.


”We’re going to dominate making electric vehicles. There’s going to be 30 million made in the next 10 years,” @reptimryan says at the #DemDebate. “I want half of them made in the United States.”


The candidates differed somewhat over how best to address climate change

Inslee, who has made the fight against global warming the centerpiece of his candidacy, reiterated his call for heavy investment in green technologies as a way to create jobs while slashing carbon emissions. “The biggest decision for the American public is, who’s going to make this the first priority?” Inslee said. O’Rourke talked up his … Continue reading ""