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BIden in Nevada

Climate Change Biden calls for a $1.7 trillion investment over 10 years to address global warming and says the initiative would create 10 million new jobs. The investments heavily skew toward new industrial efforts and represent closely tying the Green New Deal to economic development through expansion of renewable energy technology, electric vehicles, support infrastructure, … Continue reading ""

Joe Biden answers student questions on climate change, young workforce at University of Iowa

It’s the single biggest issue facing humanity,” he said. He added he would rejoin Paris Climate Accord, call on more than 200 countries to meet in the U.S. to establish enforcement mechanisms for the agreement, invest research into a “carbon-free atmosphere,” increase tax credits for wind and solar, reform mileage standards, install electric car recharging … Continue reading ""

The Daily Iowan

Biden in New Hampshire

Standing nearby, 11-year-old Claire Handler held a reporter’s notebook in her hand. She was the only reporter Biden talked to at the rally, and she asked him about climate change and global warming, scribbling notes as he gave his answer. He said that as president he would focus on solar power, wind energy and electric … Continue reading ""


Buttigieg in South Carolina

“We must rally our nation together to meet the climate crisis with the urgency it demands. This impacts not only our coasts, but also farmers, small businesses and homes across South Carolina. My administration will work toward a net-zero emissions society by 2050. We will enact a price on carbon and use the revenue to … Continue reading ""

Charleston City Paper

Bloomberg plan would make all new U.S. cars electric by 2035

Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg unveiled a plan on Friday to slash greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by making electric vehicles accessible to even low-income families and improving access to public transit.


Buttigieg on Climate Justice

We’re impressed that he’s put together a plan that is specifically acknowledging the unique realities and challenges of Latino communities in the US,” says Jennifer Allen Aroz, the founder of Chispa, a branch of the League of Conservation Voters focused specifically on Latinx issues. “And thinking about how to level the playing field and acknowledge the … Continue reading ""

Mother Jones

Buttigieg in Nevada

While many of the candidates referenced the fight for the White House, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg asked Nevadans what kind of nation they’d like to see the hypothetical day after Trump leaves office. For instance, he talked about uniting Americans on climate change and showing how environmentally friendly policies support both the auto worker … Continue reading ""

Nevada Independent

The Biden Plan to Invest in Middle Class Competitiveness

Joe Biden is running for president to rebuild the middle class—and this time make sure everyone comes along. Toward that end, Biden is calling for a transformational investment in our country’s infrastructure and future: $1.3 trillion over ten years, to equip the American middle class to compete and win in the global economy, to move … Continue reading ""

Joe Biden for President