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Warren releases details of ‘Blue New Deal’ plan for protecting oceans, marine habitat

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday released a broad plan to expand her effort to address climate change to the oceans, including ending offshore drilling and encouraging electricity generated by offshore wind and wave projects.


Warren releases ‘Blue New Deal,’ a plan to address ailing oceans

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday released an addendum to her vision for a Green New Deal: The Blue New Deal. The new plan seeks to address how climate change is affecting oceans and other waters, while ensuring a vibrant marine economy, she said.


Elizabeth Warren Proposes a Green New Deal for the Ocean

Senator Elizabeth Warren envisions a future where our cars don’t run on gas but on the algae growing in our seas. That’s according to her “Blue New Deal” proposal out Tuesday that’s essentially a Green New Deal for the oceans.


Democratic presidential candidate Warren proposes 'Blue New Deal' to protect oceans

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday proposed a “Blue New Deal” to revitalize and protect the world’s oceans, including phasing out all offshore drilling and investing in renewable energy projects like wind turbines.