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Steyer in North Carolina

Multiple times throughout the event, Steyer said his biggest priority was climate change. Steyer said the people most affected by environmental issues are often from low-income communities and stressed the need to include people of color in the process. “The way environmentalism works in the United States — and that’s climate, or pollution, or clean … Continue reading ""


Bloomberg in North Carolina

“I’m going to make sure that every family can breathe clean air and that America once again can lead the fight on climate change. You should know that thanks to my foundation, we have closed almost 60 percent of all the coal fired power plants in the country. I think the number is 299 out … Continue reading ""


Pete Buttigieg gets a q on the ecological impact of climate change and pollution on Native Americans, pledges “the relationship with tribes in this country is a relationship between sovereign nations, and tribal sovereignty will be respected in my presidency, I promise that.”


Harris in North Carolina

On climate change, Harris said she would reenter the Paris Climate Agreement and implement the Green New Deal. “We will agree that the climate crisis is real,” she said. “It represents an existential crisis to our species and we as human beings are causing the problem and we as human beings can stop it if … Continue reading ""

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O'Rourke in North Carolina

O’Rourke, who declared his candidacy for president in March, said that humans have just ten years to confront climate change before it is too late and need to act accordingly. In front of hundreds of onlookers in a nearly full FPG Student Union, O’Rourke called for increasing investment in renewable energy, “freeing ourselves from fossil … Continue reading ""

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O'Rourke in North Carolina

In Chapel Hill, O’Rourke told the crowd climate change is “the greatest challenge of them all,” and called for a fast pivot away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. He cited Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Matthew, which both brought record-setting floods to North Carolina in the last few years, as well as droughts and … Continue reading ""


O'Rourke in North Carolina

When asked what he could do for North Carolinians, O’Rourke used recent hurricanes as a way to bring up climate change. “I’m going to make sure that we acknowledge the two storms that you have seen, Matthew and Florence, two 500-year floods that were separated by two years, and acknowledge that climate change is human-caused … Continue reading ""

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