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Buttigieg in Florida

Buttigieg says responding to the threat of climate change could be the way the United States gets back in the “game of leading the world.” He says that would first require the United States to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord and support a carbon emissions tax. But then he says the academic and public and … Continue reading "https://www.wmfe.org/mayor-pete-buttigieg-visits-orlando-says-climate-change-is-security-threat-along-with-gun-violence/131563"

90.7 WMFE

Talk about climate crisis’ health issues in 2020 presidential race

The cost of health care is rising because of the [climate] crisis. Heat waves are becoming longer and hotter. Summer heat waves can be life-threatening for vulnerable populations, especially the homeless, poor, children and elderly. As one of Florida’s 83,000 physicians, I see the effects of climate change on patients’ physical and mental health. Hospital … Continue reading "https://www.palmbeachpost.com/opinion/20190721/point-of-view-talk-about-climate-crisis-health-issues-in-2020-presidential-race"

The Palm Beach Post

Climate rally outside of the first Democratic debates

In order for communities across the country to survive, the next president must take on climate change starting on day one. And because communities of color are most often hit first and worst by climate impacts, all climate solutions MUST have climate justice at the center. That’s why LCV and our supporters are mobilizing around … Continue reading "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpDa0TYMl6c"


A ‘robust’ climate discussion was promised in Miami debates. There’s one night left.

Under pressure from party activists to dedicate more time and space to the issue of climate change, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez promised in Miami Wednesday that the party’s first primary debates would include a “robust” conversation around sea-rise and carbon emissions. Maybe he was talking about the debate to come Thursday night. Because … Continue reading "https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/election/article232015582.html"

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Candidates will address climate change, expected to cost Florida $76 billion by 2040

Among hot topics to be discussed will be climate change— responses to which Tampa Bay’s leaders are listening closely to. According to a new report from Resilient Analytics and the Center for Climate Integrity, estimates that the state will likely have to fund $76 billion worth of sea walls by 2040 to mitigate the effects of climate change, based on … Continue reading "https://www.wfla.com/2100307093"


Climate change will be the biggest issue dividing Democrats during the first 2020 debates

The first Democratic debates will be held this week in Miami, Florida, a city that faces a growing environmental crisis caused by rising sea levels and hotter temperatures linked to climate change — and the issue is poised to hang over the debates.

Business Insider

Florida faces a climate crisis as Democratic candidates take the debate stage

Wednesday and Thursday’s Democratic presidential debates are taking place in Miami, which is facing a reckoning with the impacts of climate change. The issue will be hard for candidates to ignore.


Environmentalists say debate stage a good place for climate change message

Throughout the 2016 debate season, there were no questions about climate change at any of the presidential debates. Zero. Nada. The only person who came close to posing a question was briefly notorious town hall-goer Ken Bone. He framed his query around energy policy. So it won’t take much to place more attention on the environment at debates in … Continue reading "https://floridapolitics.com/archives/299726-environmentalists-debate-climate-change"

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Chris Matthews says count on climate change being a topic at debate in Miami

Chris says that all of the candidates must face the reality that Miami, the site of the debates, is 5 feet above sea level. Rising sea levels caused by climate change and warming oceans is not an issue for future generations in Miami, it’s a concern in real-time.