Castro in California


In closing, Castro cautioned the audience about what he believed to be the greatest challenge of our time: climate change.

“The US is the nation best equipped to lead this effort,” Castro said. He expressed support the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate Accords.

Despite his emphasis on the high stakes of climate change, Castro was optimistic about the future.

“Defeating climate change is the calling of this generation,” he said. “While this is a crisis, it is also an opportunity. Millions of jobs will be created in green industries, and hundreds of new technologies will transform daily life, all while we save our planet.”

He closed by extending the call to action to his audience.

“A new generation of leadership, like those in the room and so many others across our country and the world, are ready to make progress on reality, to defeat climate change, to start new enterprises and to serve the common good,” Castro said.

Julián Castro, 2020 contender and former ASSU Senator, returns to campus to talk foreign policy