Bullock on climate change


The IPCC says that we’ve got to be – not just in America, but in the world – net zero, no emissions, by 2050. I think we can do it a lot sooner than 2050. 2040 or even before. They’ve also said – and even markets are making coal not as profitable or unprofitable – but they’ve also said you’re not going to stop that overnight. You are going to continue burning coal for at least the short term. So what we need to do during that time is do everything we can to mitigate those imapcts. And that’s why we’ve doubled our wind. We’ve quadrupled our solar. But I’ve also vetoed any efforts to gut renewable portfolio standards…but I think there’s a message along that way too that we’ve got to be cognizant of. As communities go through this transition, not just the Democratic Party, but all of us have an obligation to turn around and say we’re going to help those communities through that transition.” [at the 17:07 mark]

Source: NPR