Warren on climate change


Marie Claire: How are you talking to farmers about climate change, especially here in Iowa?

Warren: I talk with them this way: First, it’s about the urgency of the moment. About how many things are changing and what that means. And that we’ve known about it for a long time and we are literally running out of time to make the changes we need to make. And, talking about how they are the ultimate stewards of the earth. And I want to make it possible economically for them to be a big part of the climate solution. And that’s everything from sustainable farming methods to the generation of renewable energy. When Big Ag dictates climate policy because of their economic power, independent farmers are just caught on the other end. They have to keep increasing yield, they have to keep going for short term gains. But when we break up Big Ag, and when we shift government policy not to put more money into the pockets of the biggest growers, but to think in terms of a sustainable future, that’s when we can make it work for independent farmers, and make it work for the whole earth.

Source: Marie Claire