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I’ve got a new plan to accelerate the transition to clean energy and combat climate change. I’m proud it has the support of former Vice President Al Gore and support from many of my colleagues in Congress, including Senator Ed Markey and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—the original authors of the Green New Deal.

Publicly traded companies have an obligation to share important information about their business. But right now they don’t share much about how climate change might affect them, their customers, and their investors.

My Climate Risk Disclosure plan requires companies to publicly disclose both environmental and financial climate-related risks to their business. Investors are already divesting from fossil fuel companies, and this will push more investors to divest and transition to clean energy.

We need to take bold action to attack climate change. I’m proud to support the #GreenNewDeal. I’ve also got plans to invest in clean energy tech and to stop drilling and promote renewables on public lands. This plan is another tool we can use to attack climate change. Read the full plan at the link in the bio.

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