Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Warren has a bold plan for climate change, rising seas


On the Seacoast, the effects of climate change are already being felt – not just in our environment but in our economy as well. A warming ocean and overfishing have reduced the ocean’s fish population by 50% over my 53-year life. Having pulled traps with my father as a girl, I’m especially mindful of lobster buoys as I kayak local waters, and wonder how such changes affect those fishermen.

In addition, increased storms and natural disasters are harming our tourism economy, and rising sea levels are threatening our homes. According to NHPR, New Hampshire has already seen a 260% increase in tidal flooding since 2000, and the threat of rising sea levels has cost Granite Staters more than $15 million in coastal property valuations. My street ends at the beach, and I’ve witnessed one particular property flood multiple times.

These threats require big, bold action to fight the crisis facing our oceans and our shoreline communities. As usual, Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that.

Elizabeth’s plan calls for the big, bold actions we need to make real change for our climate. Under her plan, she will fight to fully restore America’s fish stocks – supporting 500,000 additional jobs in the process – and invest in regenerative ocean farming to help protect these industries long term. She also will push to reduce industrial pollution, help communities prepare for sea level rise, and end all new fossil fuel leases offshore while phasing out all existing offshore drilling.

Protecting our seas isn’t just about protecting our environment – it’s about protecting our communities and the livelihood of our way of life on the seacoast. That’s why I’m proud to support Elizabeth, the only candidate who doesn’t just have a plan for a Green New Deal, but has one for a Blue New Deal too.

Ruth Crosby


Source: fosters.com