Buttigieg on climate change


We have a really thorough plan on what it’s going to take to deliver a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. But here’s the truth. And if you want to see the technical details of it, you can go to PeteForAmerica.com and see all of the different elements around renewable energy, transportation, industry, the steps that we’re going to have to take as a society to get this done.

But having said that, everybody’s got a plan that says it will get us there by 2050. The real difference is whose plan can actually get it done? Because we can’t go on like this where something as fundamental, as dangerous, and as existential as the threat of climate change is being treated as something that you could be for or against. It would be like being for or against treating cancer. This is real. It is deadly. And we’ve got to come together and do something about it. More »

Source: Cosmopolitan