Moulton on climate change


Moulton describes climate change as one of two “primary challenges in this country right now” and co-sponsored the Green New Deal.

“The first [primary challenge] is that our economy is changing faster than ever before, and Americans everywhere are being left behind,” Moulton’s campaign website said. “The second is climate change. That’s why we need a Green New Deal: because if we do it right, we can solve both problems at once.”

Moulton opposes Trump’s changes to legislation on climate change: “President Trump’s executive order on the environment shows a complete disregard for facts and science. Trump’s executive order completely ignores reality and will irresponsibly roll back the progress we made under President Obama to protect our environment for generations to come.”

In 2016, Moulton signed a resolution that called for 50% of US energy production to originate from clean and carbon-free sources by 2030.