Buttigieg in Nevada


Buttigieg’s climate plan calls for a federal investment of $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion, including $200 billion in clean energy research and development. He offers several creative ideas as part of his plan, including:

• Issuing climate action bonds that are similar to war bonds. The climate bonds would allow Americans to invest in addressing global warming.

• Creation of $5 billion of Resilient America Grants that would allow communities to address climate projects and respond to catastrophes, including relocating infrastructure or even entire communities.

“This is not totally newfangled,” he said. “During my first campaign in Indiana, I showed up at the town of English and followed GPS to the courthouse. And when I got there, it was clear that not only the courthouse but the entire town was abandoned. I was trying to figure out what happened — ‘I definitely had an appointment there. And it turned out that that was the old English. The new English was built up the hill after these devastating floods. Easy enough because it was a small community.

“But we will need to figure out, especially from a future planning perspective, how to account for the differences between where people can live well and communities whose growth outlook is going to shift because of climate change.”

Source: Las Vegas Sun