Steyer in Nevada


I put out a climate plan last week, and the three things that distinguish it from all the other climate plans are these. One, I would declare a state of emergency on Day One of my presidency. I would give Congress 100 days to pass some form of the Green New Deal and if they wouldn’t I would use the emergency powers of the president to start making the changes we need to make.

Two, I would do it on the basis of environmental justice. I have led a series of direct democracy propositions including (in) Nevada last year — Question 6. That was actually something I started and put together the coalition on. We’ve done them in California, we’ve done them in Arizona, we’ve done them in Michigan. The point is to say we believe in all of these — you start at the community level, particularly with the communities where the pollution has been focused and centered, which tends to be low-income communities and communities of color.

Source: Las Vegas Sun