Harris in Nevada


“The pillars of my plan include – One – investment in infrastructure, including water, renewable energies and that’s about jobs,” she said, “Two – it’s about giving support and elevating, the too-long ignored communities, including our indigenous people, including folks who live in poor communities, communities of color and lifting them up to inform what we do, as opposed to, telling them what we have done to them. And then three – and this is a really important point, and maybe its because of my background as a prosecutor, but it’s going after the bad guys.”

Harris said fossil fuel companies have known for years about the harm they’ve been doing to the environment and they’ve been profiting off that damage.

She noted that when she was attorney general of California she went after big oil companies and she plans to do the same if elected president.

Harris would like to encourage good behaviors like moving to carbon-neutral electricity by 2030 and a clean economy by 2045 but she would also like to go after bad behaviors that are holding back efforts to address climate change.