Klobuchar in South Carolina


“We’ve got to get started now, you see the rising sea levels, it’s costing our country $500 billion a year now, homeowners insurance has gone up 50-percent across this nation,” Klobuchar said. “That’s climate change. It’s happening right now and for this President to not respond to it and make fun of it is wrong and what I would do is day one is get us into the International Climate Change Agreement immediately.”

It was a key issue for many who attended, including Dr. Janis Ryan Bohac, a retired USDA employee, who currently works as a research farmer.

“In this state, agriculture and forestry is the largest employer and although we’ve been successful in the economies in Charleston and Columbia, the more rural areas of the state really need something to replace textiles,” Bohac said. “We need a President that gives that kind of leadership so we can deal with this climate crisis and have more sustainable agriculture.”

Source: WCIV