Moulton on climate change


Okay, but when you think of ideas or policies that are closely associated with this new generation of leaders, what often comes up is something like the Green New Deal, with which you have problems. So do you not see a clash in …

I don’t think it’s clashing, I think it’s a healthy debate. I was one of the first people to sign onto the Green New Deal as a framework because climate change is just that important. It must be a top priority. But I’m also one of the only people in this race with a background in science. And I understand numbers. And we need to make this work. Promising everyone a socialist jobs plan and bankrupting the government in the process is not the way to deal with climate change. The way to deal with climate change is to address climate change while also growing our economy. Making sure that we are the leader in technology, so we’re sending those technologies to the rest of the world, including China. That is the kind of leadership that we need, not only to address climate change and grow our economy, but to have a chance of doing either.

Source: Intelligencer