Climate Change Emerges as a Top Issue


Climate change has become one of the defining issues of the Democratic presidential primary. Poll after poll shows that voters care deeply about climate action and every leading presidential candidate has released a comprehensive climate plan.

But don’t take our word for it.

  • “Over the course of the race, climate change has emerged for the first time as a top-tier presidential campaign issue.” (Time)
  • “Climate change has become a major topic for both voters and the candidates trying to take the presidency from Donald Trump.” (Nevada Public Radio)
  • “Climate change — or, more precisely, fighting climate change — has quickly become one of the top priorities among Democratic voters.” (NPR)
  • “Climate change, remarkably, has become a top-tier issue in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.” (Vox)
  • “Mitigating climate change stands near the top of Democratic voters’ priority lists, and it’s now politically untenable for a Democratic Party contender to be seen as lax on the issue.” (Washington Post)
  • “The climate crisis is a preeminent issue in the Democratic nomination fight, with polls showing it among the top — if not the top — issue on the minds of Democratic voters.” (CNN)
  • “Climate change has become a top tier issue for Democratic voters…” (Newsweek)
  • “Climate change has escalated into one of the most important issues for Democratic voters…” (CNBC)